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Embody Your Wholeness Costa Rica Retreat

Be More Self-confident, Self-forgiving, Self-loving

Coco Falls

Imagine You're Here

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Pure Joy!!! Pura Vida!!! Pure Freude!!! Pure vreugde!!! Farxad saafi ah!!!

Do you experience magical, miraculous, marvelous moments in your everyday life? You are invited to join me for a unique 2023 retreat in la playa de coco, Costa Rica so your answer is "YES!" I believe we are meant to live in a healthy body, with a happy mind, and feel whole as we walk on our Mother's heavenly Earth. When was the last time you took dedicated time to be with yourself?

When you allow the demands of others to be more important then our own, you can become frustrated, angry, bitter and resentfilled because you are depleted. As a result, you are not effective in your desire to nurture and love others effectively because you are not putting yourself first and literally have no self-love reserve. Yes, you have fantastic, worthy intentions, yet this is not how life works.

Take your personal power back and know that you deserve to care for yourself in fun, fulfilling ways. This is no one else's responsibility but YOURS. When I was allowing my past conditioning to dictate my choices, I was dishonouring my own energy because I was deluded and confused about my own self-care. I began learning that loving myself was not selfish and that the unworthiness messages deep within my subconscious, were causing me to behave in harmful, hurtful, and self-defeating ways. When you truly know who you are, how valuable your gifts are, and the sacredness of being a human being walking on Earth, you can make healthy life choices naturally. No guilt! No helplessness! No victim! No doubt! No overwhelm! No indecision!

Whatever your chosen faith traditions or religion, you can make your ideology more real in your everyday interactions. You can explore, embrace and embody your own truth so you are a living example of your beliefs.

When you align your mind and body with your spiritual being, you feel connected to all of life. You are able to be in the present moment fully awake. You will learn to cultivate inner joy and peace. Together, we can create a future that is magical, miraculous, marvelous and free from suffering.

Retreat Details (March 12 - 18, 2023)

La playa de coco is one of Costa Rica's most well-known beaches. As the largest village in the province of Guanacaste, Playas del Coco offers an abundance of accommodations and services for visitors. Playa del Coco is located in the Northwest Pacific, which is one of the driest climates in Costa Rica. The beach areas have a fairly steady year round temperature with daytime highs averaging in the upper 80s to lower 90s. Night time lows are usually in the upper 70s. Precipitation varies through the year with the nicest weather between November and August.

Coco town is very small with one main boulevard going all the way to the public park and beach. There are many bars, restaurants and shops in downtown. The small neighborhoods are right outside the center of town.

Retreat Fee for 7 Days/6 nights includes:

  1. Daily 1-1.5 hour education starting with Sunday welcome and ending with Friday Celebration Sendoff. This portion will be from my wealth of knowledge encompassing 40+ years of recovery work. Here is one of the resources I will use. Love Without Conditions: Reflections of the Christ Mind by Paul Ferrini. He says,"No one on earth has a better answer for you than the one you will find through trust in yourself and in me." The "me" reference refers to the Christ Mind or you can say Buddha, Krishna, Rumi, Brahman, Holy Spirit, Higher Power or God. My intent is to support you in achieving self-trust for yourself so you are a living example of your faith.
  2. Daily Meditative Movements™ on beach. A 2017 University of Minnesota research study found this simple practice reduces anxiety, depression and fatigue while improving emotional and functional wellbeing for persons with chronic health conditions.
  3. Connect one-on-one with KaNesha, Meditative Movement Health Coach, and Isah, Mindset and Yoga Instructor, throughout retreat for personal coaching guidance.
  4. Receive Meditative Movement journal
  5. After retreat 2 Zoom one hour coaching sessions with KaNesha, Isah or Ellie. During the retreat, you will be identifying some self-loving goals as well as specific steps to take when you get back home and into your routine environment. I want to encourage you as you take the necessary steps which can be challenging at times. You can manifest your dreams and I hope this one-on-one coaching increases the value of your investment.
  6. Online private community to enhance your relationships
  7. Business owners will have the opportunity to highlight their gifts and services
  8. Advice on best restaurants, where to buy groceries
  9. Supported sightseeing opportunities - see Al a carte options
  10. Companions for sharing meals at local restaurants or cook your own local food
  11. Support with transportation from Liberia airport (30 min drive away)
  12. Guidance on airlines, colones exchange rates, Spanish phrases, etc.
  13. Share costs on golf cart rentals, scooters, bicycles, and hotel rooms
  14. Meet new like minded friends from different places
Massages on Beach Teniori Falls

Al a Carte Options
Additional Costs

To make sure you are honoring your soul's yearnings and caring for your body in this new way, we are offering flexible free time so you only pay for what resonates with you. You can choose to participate or not. You can also select to have some or all of your time here in silence. Here are some of your endless possibilities.

Embody means to give something concrete form, to express, personify, or exemplify in physical form. The retreat is organized so you learn movements and teachings directing you to answer your own quest for more confidence, forgiveness and love. Examine on a deeper level.

Coco Falls      Coco Falls       Coco Falls      Coco Falls      Coco Falls       Sloth       Coco Falls      Coco Falls

  • Recommended lodging at Hotel Villa del Sol
  • visit islands, volcanoes and national parks
  • horseback riding, hiking or simple bird-watching
  • hang out at the pool
  • enjoy spectacular flora and exotic fauna
  • walk the beach
  • learn some Spanish
  • shop one-of-a-kind local artist creations
  • take naps
  • get a massage listening to the ocean waves
  • go sailing, surfing, sport fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling
  • try zip lining

NOT INCLUDED in Retreat Fee

  1. Airfare
  2. Lodging
  3. Meals
  4. Transportation
  5. Any al a carte choices

Investment: Early Bird $739 Full Fee: $779

Things to Consider


Here are some considerations for you to ponder before you decide to proceed with registration.

  • If you need the Tico culture to be just like yours, this retreat might not be a good fit.
  • If you like to drive everywhere you go, this retreat might not be a good fit. Beach and road walking inherently are uneven and rocky with unpredictable surfaces. You can rent a motorized vehicle. FYI: My husband is in a wheelchair so I do have some experience with disabilities.
  • If you like partying, drinking alcohol and doing drugs, this retreat might not be a good fit.
  • If you want a pampered resort experience, this retreat might not be a good fit.
  • If you have some limitations and are not open to finding satisfying solutions, this retreat might not be a good fit.
  • If you are not ready to be honest, reflect and explore your life, this retreat might not be a good fit.

If you are still interested in this retreat, I am grateful. If you decide to explore other options, Connie Hertz's 2023 Costa Rica retreat is here for you to review.

Meditative Movement t-shirtFull retreat fee is $779 which includes beach Meditative Movement classes, educational sessions, Meditative Movement journal, coaching sessions. During the retreat, you will be identifying some self-loving goals as well as specific steps to take when you get back home and into your routine environment. I want to encourage you as you take the necessary steps which can be challenging at times. You can manifest your dreams and I hope this one-on-one coaching increases the value of your investment. Valued at $500 and all the other auxillary benefits listed above...NOT AL A CARTE as you are responsible for them.

Pay full retreat fee by November 1, 2022 and receive a $40 discount plus a Meditative Movement t-shirt retailed at $25. You are responsible for shipping and handling costs.

Thank you for considering our retreat. We are in the process of finalizing registration. Stop back or send an email to and we will let you know when available.

Contact Ellie if you are being called to attend or if you need financial assistance. Business service barters will be considered. For example, you have accounting skills and can offer your services to our company in exchange for payment of retreat fee. Airfare, lodging, and Al a carte choices not included.

About Ellie Peterson

Meditative Movements Youth, Adults, Seniors, Assisted Living, Independent, Skilled Nursing

Ellie is the master of creating personal changes. When she was 23 years old, she was divorced and raising three children ages 5, 3 and 1 on her own while making $80 a week as Ellie from the deli. Her addictions included co-dependency, smoking, alcohol, poor self-image. Her body was unhealthy; her mind was constantly focusing on what other people should change in their lives so she could be happier and her spiritual being was weighed down with fear, self-pity, anger, and worthlessness. Life was unbearable. She created the proprietary Meditative Movement technique to heal herself. Practicing for over 30 years, she is living life beyond her wildest dreams.

Her authentic sharing gives you the inspiration you need to believe you can live an extraordinary life too. The biggest challenge we face in achieving what we want is ourselves. True there are outside circumstances that seem daunting, however, once we learn to nurture ourselves, those obstacles are surmountable. This program isn't about forcing yourself to do physical exercises because you know it is good for you. It is about aligning your mind, your body, and your spiritual being in the present moment. In this way you can experience life as a confident, loving, and energized individual.

Whatever unhealthy tendency you inherited (alcoholism, eating disorders, gambling, co-dependency, or low self-esteem) or significant/tragic events that have occurred in your life (death, divorce, loss of employment, illness), you can create the changes in your life that you desire. This program gives you the daily movements you need.

Our innovative movement programs can fit into your busy lifestyles and individual preferences. Whatever your physical ability, age, life history, you can embrace this technique and embody your own truth.

She is an author, professional speaker, experienced educator, health & wellness columnist. In addition, she certifies professionals like nurses, Activity Professionals, therapists, volunteers, and wellness mindfulness enthusiasts how to share this meditation practice with others or for their own self-care so they can be healthier, happier and feel whole. As a speaker at national conferences like the National Association for Activity Professionals and Minnesota Association of Resources for Recovery and Chemical Health as well as private trainings for organizations such as Police Conduct Review, Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS), local treatment facilities, youth organizations and more. She provides in person or via online webinars and has been featured on WCCO/CBS morning & KARE 11 television shows.

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