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 Do You Smile When You Are Working OUT?

Woman Smiling WorkTng OUt

Does that seem like a ridiculous question to you? My belief is that we ought to love or at least like whatever form of exercise we choose to do. If you are smiling or have a periodic grin show up on your face before and during your activity, I would say you have a winner. Stay with it. If you smile later because you are pleased with yourself, that has value too.

Often after a presentation, I am asked what exercise is the best? My reply is, "One that you enjoy doing." If you are forcing yourself to do too much with no satisfaction (i.e., no smiles before, during or after), you will eventually give up. The solution is finding a program that brings you smiles.

Smiling did eventually become a part of my workouts. When I first created and practiced the I Can Meditative Movement™ quite a few tears were shed. Afterwards, I would smile because I was feeling my repressed emotions and letting them go. Major smiles occurred when I found myself sticking to my plan. More smiles came when I started to see results. Bigger smiles abounded when I achieved success: I had quit smoking and maintained a healthy weight.

When I learned about my family of origin, my understanding grew, and I was able to accept my past conditioning. Yet to recover my wholeness, I needed a healthier relationship with my body, mind, and emotions. Naturally more Meditative Movements were created to satisfy my need.

All emotions are good. Our challenge is learning healthy ways to express them. Our culture tends to repress, deny, and avoid them. Although covering them up is the most popular and shows up with overeating, over drinking, and over doing behavior. For example, when you are sad, it is natural to cry. Crying is refreshing and cleansing. It is the body's way to let the sorrow go. Unfortunately, some of us have had our innate natural responses to life taken from us. Now is the time to exercise your personal power in a new way.

To recover fully, we need to be aware of our mind, body and being. This technique has centering, energizing, and releasing types of movements. You can easily expand your awareness by practicing the movement that resonates with you. Our movements are free so give one or two a try and see how you feel. We featured the I Smile Meditative Movement™ video this January. In this way, your workout smile can be practiced throughout your precious every day moments.

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