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 Defining Love

Leaf Heart

Love is a word that is hard to define yet used in our everyday language in many different ways. If we want to feel love, we need to open to loving ourselves first. Then we can experience love from others. Here are some suggestions to making love more real in your everyday life.

Looking within. You are loved and your true self is wanting to be acknowledged. Meditation and practicing Meditative Movements™ are fantastic ways to connect with your loving self. When you feel love, all your senses are in tune with that vibration.

Overlooking fear. To live with inner peace, you need to see past the fear to where the perfection in life exists. We offer releasing Meditative Movements so you can process any toxic energy first. Once you let go, you then focus your attention on another movement that supports loving thoughts and feelings like I Am Loved Meditative Movement.

Valuing your voice. What you say internally to yourself and to others creates your reality. That is why the core value affirmations spoken when you practice Meditative Movements are best stated out loud. As you hear yourself speak, feel the vibrations within your mind and body. You are powerful.

Embracing your whole self. Acknowledging that you are more than your mind and body frees you to feel love totally in your being. It also means knowing that your past experiences do not need to define you. We are all here learning. Let us practice love in as many ways as possible.

May you come to know how truly magnificent you are. You can find love everywhere. It is especially easy to see love's mystery in nature.

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