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 Love and Your Heart

Love is associated with the heart. Are you exercising your heart in ways that make it strong and healthy? Studies show that consistent lower and higher-level cardio exercises like walking, hiking, running, biking, swimming, rowing, and cross-country skiing can improve your heart health. Aerobic exercises use oxygen differently than strengthening, flexibility, and balance movements. Based on the intensity of the aerobic exercises, your lungs transfer oxygen through the blood and directly to your heart at a higher rate. The benefits of aerobic exercises include:

  • decrease risk of heart disease
  • lower blood pressure
  • increase in HDL or "good" cholesterol
  • better control of blood sugar

Loving yourself means participating in exercises that elevate your heart rate. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) state that individuals should engage in 30 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical activity on most days of the week.

Whenever you engage in a cardio program, you want to make sure you spend time warming up and cooling down your muscles. You also need to remember that your desired level of intensity differs from other people. It is based on factors like fitness level, medications, and goals. Consult a physician before starting a program.

The Power of Positive Aerobics, our first product, is a 30-minute cardio workout that has three different workout levels making it suitable for all fitness abilities. Your physical body reaps the benefits while your brain is being retrained with the positive messages. Each exercise has a corresponding affirmation like "I Am Happy" to improve your mental and emotional states. By speaking the affirmations aloud, your breathing is enhanced.

If you are looking for an at home workout that meets your cardio needs, check out our Power of Positive Aerobics in DVD and streaming formats.

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