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 What is Your Language of Love?

Five Love Languages Book Cover

Have you heard of the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman?

My second husband purchased the book after ten years of marriage. We had drifted apart and needed reminders on how to show our love to each other. It was fun to learn more about myself. As I explored my love language, excitement ensued. I was proud of myself because I could finally communicate my needs in an adult healthy way. Understanding his preferences enhanced our relationship. Instead of giving him what I wanted, I was meeting his needs. After 23 years, we still find ourselves going back to the book and concepts.

If you are going through a trying time like a death or cancer diagnosis, now can be a fantastic time to get to know your love languages. Although anytime we experience more self-love our everyday experiences are enhanced.

Here are the five languages:

  1. Words of Affirmation – If this is your love language, unsolicited compliments mean the world to you.
  2. Quality Time – Being there for this type of person is critical, but really being there–with the TV off, fork and knife down, and all chores and tasks on standby–makes your significant other feel truly special and loved.
  3. Receiving Gifts – If you speak this language, the perfect gift or gesture shows that you are known, you are cared for, and you are prized above whatever was sacrificed to bring the gift to you.
  4. Acts of Service – The words he or she most want to hear: "Let me do that for you."
  5. Physical Touch – Hugs, pats on the back, holding hands, and thoughtful touches on the arm, shoulder, or face–they can all be ways to show excitement, concern, care, and love.

You can take an online quiz to learn more about your love language. There are couples, teens, childrens and singles quizzes. I would love to hear your takeaways. What is your predominant love language? Mine is words of affirmation. Hence the reason the technique integrates them so I can affirm myself and fill my own needs.

By performing the I Am Loved Meditative Movement™ you can meet the words of affirmation, quality time, and physical touch languages. Practicing self-love is key to being open to another's love.

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