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 Happy To Do Lists - Release Frustrations

Happy To Do List

A to do task list clarifies all of the things you want to accomplish. A happy list states all the activities that will bring you joy. What would your day be like if your to do task list and your happy list were the same? If you think, I wouldn't get anything done, it is time to ask yourself why.

When I first started my business, on Monday I would enthusiastically write all of the things I thought I should accomplish for the week. As I became more aware of my daily frustrations throughout the day, I realized the culprit was my to do should list. A few days later, my anger mounted so high I looked at my list in disgust. At that moment, I got up and did the I Release Frustration Meditative Movement™ to help me process the frustration. As I have shared before, problems arise when we deny, repress or cover up our emotions. By practicing this movement for 90 seconds, I was taking ownership of my state of being and allowing this energy to flow freely through my body.

Now I could move on and be honest about the situation. It was hard to admit to myself that my choices were causing my own irrations. My unreasonable, should list was robbing me of fun. So I decided to alter my to do task list and make it a happy list too. No more shoulding on myself and best of all avoiding some self inflicted frustrations.

If you have a to do list, I encourage you to see how many items are pleasurable. Remember that you choose how you spend your day. Yes even at work. Why not choose activities that make you happy?

If a task doesn't bring you joy, think about your options. Here are a few.

  1. Hire someone to complete the task or ask a co-worker if they can finish it
  2. Be creative and find a way to complete the task to make it more enjoyable
  3. Change your attitude about completing the task. This is especially important if your task is a growth opportunity.
  4. Take the task off the list and accept that it's not going to get done
  5. Complete your happiness activity first and then embrace a to do task
  6. As we know, change takes time and repetition. So if you find that you fall short of your goal and experience frustrations, practice the movement so you are not burdening your mind, body and being.

I challenge you to pick one day this week and add your happy tasks to your to do list. Notice how you feel as you complete your happy activities? Are your to do tasks easier too? Are you less frustrated?

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