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 As Flawed as Everyone Else : Giving Ourselves a Break

Owl with Eyes ClosedMy daily morning spiritual practice includes a reading. Some of my favorite books are One Day at a Time in Al-anon and The Four Agreements. What I love is that the messages seem to give my heart and mind exactly what they need for that day. It has taken me awhile to accept this. Afterall, I use to think my job was to enlighten others about their character flaws. It feels so much better to know that I can change my perspective if I really want inner peace and happiness.

Hence the passage I recently read from Days of Healing, Days of Joy by Earnie Larsen & Carol Larsen Hegarty stated: "I permit myself to be as flawed as everyone else." Have you ever had that thought? There is a part of me that finds comfort in believing this. Joy even that I do not need to do or say everything perfectly. Another part of me contracts and I feel hopeless. With everyone making mistakes, how are we going to get this world right?

Perhaps this thinking is a spiritual blunder. When I embrace the idea that I am here to learn lessons and offer this same luxury to others, I relax. Life changes from focusing on getting it right to experiencing life as a human being. It means that justice is honoring everyone involved instead of punishing bad behavior. If we are the ones who have made the mistake, may we gracefully acknowledge the words, thoughts, or actions.

Let us respect ourselves and others so we can move through life in a dignified way.

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