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 3 Holiday Stress Tips for a Better You

Use holiday stress to become a better you. Here are three tips to get you started.

First: Blindly repeat your past holiday activities even if they cause you stress and undue anxiety. NOT. Perhaps the COVID pandemic is giving you a way to break old patterns that need to change. Be creative and come up with fun ways to enjoy yourself and others. As your adult self remembers that the holiday season can bring many happy events; you know that unrealistic expectations can also be part of the package. Start a new tradition that brings you joy.

Second: Find activities that get you moving. What if you gave an accountability gift to a family member or friend? Here is how it works.

  1. Pick someone who wants to exercise more.

  2. Send them a card or call them up.

  3. Establish a 3-week movement goal. Remember to start out small like 3-5 minutes a day. You each choose whatever activity will bring you pleasure and satisfaction like simple stretches. One woman I know dances for five minutes while singing along, exercising both her body and voice.

  4. Agree how or when you will connect every day. Texting is a great way to touch base.

Third: Be kind to yourself. Thank yourself for being willing to change for the better. When you are aware of any destructive thoughts especially those directed at yourself, replace them with supportive ones. For example, if you fail to complete your activity, you can encourage yourself to do better the next day. Once you experience this gift, you will want to receive it as much as possible.

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