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 National Association for Activity Professionals Interviews and Webinars

Alisa Tagg Ellie

Listen as Ellie shares the power of Meditative Movements for self-care and Continuum of Care staff and residents with Alisa Tagg, Director of the National Association for Activity Professionals (NAAP).

NAAP eLearning Speaker Certificate for Mindfulness Activities for Healthy Aging WebinarThank you National Association for Activity Professionals (NAAP) for allowing Ellie to share Meditative Movements and Memory Care, Mindfulness Activities for Healthy Aging and 10 Simple Activities That Make Big Changes to Your Health webinars.

Older People Smiling

Here are some of the attendee's feedback.

"I work in a Memory Care and the Skilled Nursing Care Center and understand the benefits of relaxation movements and breath control has on an individual. Personally, I do practice "being in the moment" but now see how important it is for the Mind and Body to be part of the equation. I must admit that I felt a little foolish with saying the affirmations out loud but the result surprised me when I started to feel the sensations come over me."


"Ellie started off with talking about how the benefits of this program can have a positive impact on other areas of the resident's life, like ADLs. This makes it a perfect fit for interdisciplinary goal setting and care planning. This is especially true if you practice person centered care and are mindful of the resident's values and goals as a team. Sometimes residents are easily intimidated by physical exercise. In this case, focus on the breath and the repetitive nature of the mindfulness movements are adaptable to just about everyone in my facility. I think with this population it is especially important to stay in the moment. So many residents struggle with the past or fear the continued losses in the future. Helping them focus on the present moment can be so therapeutic!"

To review the online presentation, go to NAAP website.

 Gift of Smiling

You are invited to practice the I Smile Meditative Movement™ so you have an easy way to feel good on the inside and outside.

When I smile, I feel lighter and happier. When I give my smiles away, I acknowledge the other person. When I receive a smile from someone, I feel inner worth and warmth. Smiles are free and priceless.

Yes, smiling is simple. Yet I invite you to practice the I Smile Meditative Movement™ because it gives you an opportunity to pay closer attention to what a smile does for you and to you. You can mindfully explore this powerful movement that enhances your precious moments.

1. After you read the instructions, close your eyes which signals to your body that you are focusing inward.

2. Pay attention to the normal position of your facial muscles. Now practice your smile and hold your smile for a count of four. If any thoughts arise that critique what you are doing, let them go. Return your facial muscles to their original position. Do this several times until you feel that your smile is natural.

3. Integrate your breath and notice any subtle changes. Close your mouth and inhale through your nose. Exhale through your mouth and smile. Can you hear your breathe being released? I recommend performing your smile three more times.

4. Now align your thoughts with your body's actions. Inhale. Exhale as you say outloud, "I Smile" and move your facial muscles into your smiling position. Hold the smile for a count of four. Now practice all three together (breath, affirmation, movement) three more times. Now that you've completed roughly twelve smiles, your facial muscles are all warmed up.

Are you ready to give away your smiles to your residents or anyone you meet? If yes, I'd love to hear how many you give away today.

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