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Say Yes to Your Life...Explore, Embrace & Embody Your Own Truth

Photo by KIMO on Unsplash with Yes words Added

Solitude by A.A. Milne

I have a house where I go
When there's too many people,
I have a house where I go
Where no one can be;
I have a house where I go,
Where nobody ever says, "No"
Where no one says anything—so
There is no one but me.

I highly recommend the Yes to Life class series. Ellie provided a gentle, safe space for me to look inward and find my own unique insights about purpose, happiness and life. Combining thought provoking discussions, journaling and Meditative Movements, the Yes to Life class will fill your self love tank! Carolyn Engleson, Certified Holistic Registered Nurse

Are you living your life in a healthy body with a calm mind and an abundance of enthusiastic energy? This class exists so that your answer can be a resounding "YES" that moves in, as and through you.

Our nine month Zoom classes can enrich your daily living while guiding you towards your lifetime dreams.During these classes, you will explore how you are saying "YES" to life. You will:

* Embrace & Embody Your Own Truth
* Explore new ways of being
* Have fun, be playful, express your inner child
* Practice easy and empowering Meditative Movements
* Receive insights, guidance and practical exercises
* Release those things that no longer serve you

Each one of us will honor our own journey. Yet together, we can encourage one another. We can nurture each other.

You can be accompanied on the entire journey or if you prefer you can do it alone. How comforting it can be to know that if you feel discouraged, your fellow adventurers can be with you. Wherever you are, my hope is that this class can give you what you need to embrace your life's next adventurous step.

You can move with more grace, ease and abundance. Yes, life is for us.

Your Investment Includes:

* Nine educational group interactive sessions. Access to recordings.
* Listeners as you attune with your body and your mind
* Practice integrating Meditative Movements™ into daily living
* Experience various mindfulness activities
* Gain personal insights: one hour consultation with Ellie. Valued at $250.
* Witnesses to your experience as you embody your wholeness
* Affirmation on your achievements
* Receive unconditional love for yourself and others
* Access to online private Facebook support group
* Opportunity to test out on your Meditative Movements and become a teacher at a reduced rate.

This excerpt from Personal Coaching for Results by Lou Tice states my intent well: " It's important to realize, though, that optimists don't wear glasses so deeply rose-colored that a clear picture of what's really out there can't get through. Optimism isn't taking foolish risks or adopting a Pollyanna attitude that denies the existence of pain, difficulty, and struggle. It's a hopeful, encouraging, useful way of explaining our experiences in life. Marty Seligman talks about "the word in your heart. "If it's yes, he says, you're an optimist. If it's no, you're a pessimist. And he and I (Lou Tice) both agree that you have the power to change it from no to yes, if you choose to."

Starting January 14, 2023

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This course starts on January 14, 2023 and will continue on the second Saturday of the month with the last class ending on September 9, 2023.

Each class is approximately one and a half hours starting at 10:00am ET, 9:00am CT, 8:00am MT, 7:00am PT.

Recommended Price $99. You can pay what you deem appropriate for you. Use your phone to scan the code and enter amount.

We want you to join us. If your finances are prohibiting you from signing up, contact us for scholarship information. Send email to

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