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Yes to Life Nine Month Zoom Classes

Explore, Embrace & Embody Your Own Truth

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Are you living your life in a healthy body with a calm mind and an abundance of enthusiastic energy? This class exists so that your answer can be a resounding "YES" that moves in, as and through you.

Our nine month Zoom classes can enrich your daily living while guiding you towards your lifetime dreams. Exploring new ways of being can be fun, easy and empowering. It does require effort and a commitment. You will receive insights, guidance and practical exercises that you can implement on a monthly basis. As you discover who you really are, you can release those things that no longer serve you so life flows more freely.

During these classes, we explore how you are saying "YES" to life. In the first class, you will create an agreement that will be used throughout the course. At this time, you will also receive three personalized Meditative Movements to help you embrace and embody those energies. The movements can be done throughout your routine day and are adaptable to anyone's physical ability.

In each future class, you will learn a Meditative Movement and other mindfulness activities you can practice throughout the month. They will support you as you experience your precious moments. The steps you are taking can bring you more joy. Are you strong enough to move in the direction of wholeness? Are you in tune with your body and mind so that you know when you need to move and when you need to rest? Are you open to receiving unconditional love for yourself?

Each one of us will honor our own journey. Yet together, we can encourage one another. We can nurture each other. You can be accompanied on the entire journey or if you prefer you can do it alone. How comforting it can be to know that if you feel discouraged, your fellow adventurers can be with you. Wherever you are, my hope is that this class can give you what you need to embrace your life's next adventurous step. You can move with more grace, ease and abundance. Yes, life is for us.

  Course Details

Module 1:

Yes to Life Agreement

Yes to Life Agreement

Module 2:

Yes Meditative Movement™

Yes Meditative Movement

Module 3:

No Meditative Movement™

No Meditative Movement&

Module 4:

I Experience Meditative Movement™

I Experience Meditative Movement

Module 5:

I Am Meditative Movement™

I Am Meditative Movement

Module 6:

I Believe Meditative Movement™

I Believe Meditative Movement

Module 7:

I Trust Meditative Movement™

I Trust Meditative Movement

Module 8:

I Give Meditative Movement™

I Give Meditative Movement

Module 9:

I Receive Meditative Movement™

I Receive Meditative Movement


 Your $197 investment includes:

  • Nine one and a half hour educational group interactive sessions. You will have access to taped recordings in case you are unable to attend.
  • Customized Yes to Life Agreement
  • Three Personalized Meditative Movements™
  • Eight Meditative Movements™
  • Easy monthly activities you implement that create positive changes in yourself during the nine months.
  • One hour phone call with Ellie valued at $150.
  • Access to online Facebook support group where you can continue conversations with fellow classmates.
  • Opportunity to test out on your Meditative Movements and become a teacher at a reduced rate.

We want you to join us. If you are an essential worker, we are offering the classes at the $49 rate as our thank you for all you are doing during the COVID-19 crisis. If your finances are prohibiting you from signing up, contact us for scholarship information. Send email to

March 13, 2021 to
November 13, 2021

This course starts on March 13, 2021 and will continue on the second Saturday of the month with the last class ending on November 13, 2021.

Each class is one and a half hours starting at 4:00pm ET, 3:00pm CT, 2:00pm MT, 1:00pm PT.

Full Price $197
Essential Worker $49

September 15, 2021 to
May 18, 2022

This course starts on September 15, 2021 and will continue on the third Wednesday of the month with the last class ending on May 18, 2022.

Each class is one and a half hours starting at 7:00pm ET, 6:00pm CT, 5:00pm MT, 4:00pm PT.

Full Price $197
Essential Worker $49

January 4, 2022 to
September 6, 2022

This course starts on January 4, 2022 and will continue on the first Tuesday of the month with the last class ending on September 6, 2022.

Each class is one and a half hours starting at 8:00pm ET, 7:00pm CT, 6:00pm MT, 5:00pm PT.

Full Price $197
Essential Worker $49

 Existing Meditative Movement™ Teachers

If you are an existing Meditative Movement™ teacher, you can participate in these classes at a reduced cost of $49. After the course, you can test out on the movements so you can share them with others. Let us be the change we want to see in the world.

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